How do I update my student names in Fund Manager?

Issue: I don’t or can’t use *MISapp, how can I update my Student names within Fund Manager.

Solution: Create a file of Student names to send to Pebble to be uploaded to Fund Manager.

Although the information given here is directed at users, this file can be generated from any Student Management programme by using the Fields as defined below:

  • Click Reports
  • Click Design
  • Click Create a New Report
  • Click Student
  • Click Next
  • Click On Roll
  • Click Next

At this point you will identify the fields required for the .csv file.

From the list on your right, select the first 3 fields. Highlight and Double Click on:

  • Surname
  • Forename

Now Double-click Registration and select the next 3 fields from the expanded list:

  • Year Group
  • Registration Group
  • UPN

Then click:

  • Next.
  • Next – if no filter is to be applied.
  • Next – if no sort order is required.
  • Next – if no effective date is required.

To create this as a .csv file you must select TEXT from the types of file offered. You will then see a box with comma separated highlighted and an empty field box in which you will enter the file name. Use the filename (Students.csv) and save this to your Desktop.

  • Select 'Next' and click 'Run my Report'

Once this export has run and the file saved, please encrypt it, then attach it to an email and send to where a team member will review the file for you before you import your names. You should send your encrypted file password by another method (e.g. in-app message, over the phone or text) separately from the encrypted file.

Note: It is your responsibility to handle personal data in accordance with GDPR law.

*MISapp is accredited by Capita Sims

*MISapp is a small application that pulls the data you want across from SIMs into Fund Manager each night so no need to manually input any new pupils etc. As long as SIMs is up to date then so will your Fund Manager with regards to pupil data.




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