Reconcile bank statement

This option on the Bank & Cash menu opens the Reconcile Bank Account screen but you can also select the Reconcile Settlement Account tab if you want to reconcile the settlement bank account.

Reconciliation is the means by which you and the bank agree that the transactions recorded on each bank account are matched in Fund Manager. You can’t reconcile transactions until you receive the bank statement.

Note: Some Fund Manager transactions may not appear on your bank statement for some time.

  1. To reconcile a bank statement, on the Reconcile Bank Account screen, choose the bank account you want to reconcile.
  2. Enter the first and last page, the end date and closing balance on the statement you are reconciling.
  3. Note: The Opening Balance on the List Unreconciled Bank Entries Report should always match the figure on the last bank statement you reconciled.

  4. Select the transactions form the list of entries to reconcile that match the entries on your bank statement.
  5. Note: You can only reconcile transactions that lie inside your start and end dates.

  6. Click Reconcile.

When reconciliation is complete, you can print the report from the bottom of the screen.

Tip: You can leave a reconciliation part-way through but until you complete it or abandon it you won’t be able to reconcile another account.




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