I have duplicated transactions in Fund Manager

Issue: I have just recorded a transaction and it has been entered twice, how do I resolve this?

Solution: To remove the transaction and ensure it is being correctly entered. The most common cause of duplicated transactions is selecting the Save button twice, even without releasing.

  • Identify your transaction(s)
  • Go to Transactions > Cancel Receipt or Payment Transaction
  • Locate your transaction
  • Ensure there is a tick in the left hand side field to select it
  • Select Cancel and enter a reason of cancellation
  • Your transaction(s) will be removed from the list

1: You can select more than one transaction at a time for group cancellations.

2: It is important to know what browser you are using as some versions of Internet Explorer (v9) can be a common cause of duplicated transactions, too. You can simply upgrade to v10 or v11.




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