How do I deal with a duplicated cheque?

Issue: Fund Manager will not accept my new cheque or paying-in slip numbers.

Fund Manager ensures a cheque or paying-in slip number is not duplicated in error. This applies to each bank account on the system.

Situation: Are the paying in slip numbers duplicated because:

  1. The bank has sent duplicated stationery?
  2. The school has changed banks?


  1. Duplicated Stationery
    1. Request new sequentially numbered stationery from the bank OR
    2. Enter a number in the first position that 'shifts' the range to a higher sequence (e.g. if your printed stationery starts at 00001, enter 10001 on the system)
  2. Set up a new bank account using the below options from School Fund main menu
    • Administration > Manage Bank Accounts
    • Click Create Bank Account and enter a new unique Account code and new Account name
    • Click Save to save details

Again from the Fund Manager menus, use the options:

  • Bank & Cash Menu > Transfer Between Bank Accounts
  • Click to Select the Bank Account you wish to transfer funds FROM
  • Click to Select the Bank Account you wish to transfer funds from TO
  • Enter the amount you would like to transfer along with the relevant date and finally click Transfer to save these details (if correct) to transfer any funds from the old account to the new

Note: This approach provides a new cheque and paying-in slip number range.




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