How can I let a parent see what’s left to pay towards a trip in Joinos?

Issue: I want parents to pay a deposit for a school trip to secure their child’s place; how can I make sure they see the remaining balance that’s left to pay?

Solution: It is now possible to choose to share the balance of an account via Joinos so parents are able to see what’s left to pay on an offer

In the Administration > Manage Accounts screen:

  • Choose the account for the offer that you want to share
  • Ensure that the account is marked In Use; if it isn’t, populate the checkbox to update it
  • Populate the Share Balances checkbox to instruct Fund Manager to share all outstanding balances for offers associated to the account
  • Create the offer as usual via the Joinos > Create Offer screen
  • Populate the Unspecified checkbox and enter the minimum amount you would like parents to pay
  • Add any relevant attachments, select names then post the offer to make it visible to parents
  • Once a parent has paid their deposit, they will be able to see what they have left to pay via the Balances tab in Joinos

Note: Only offers where a parent has expressed an interest by paying something towards the total amount will be displayed



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